Mayflower Blacksmith Pro 8000 Four-Post Car Lift

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Product Overview

The Mayflower Blacksmith Pro 8000 offers a sturdy and reliable four-post car lift, ideal for both car storage and service. With an 8000 lbs load capacity and a maximum lifting height of 72 inches, it is designed to be a robust solution for car enthusiasts and professionals alike. This lift comes with a single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath the runway, ensuring smooth and steady lifts.

Customer Ratings

The product holds a decent rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Customers generally appreciate its sturdiness which scores a high 4.6, however, there seems to be room for improvement in terms of ease of assembly and value for money, both scoring 4.1.

Price Range

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Product Features

Product Benefits

Product Details & Specifications

  • Brand: Mayflower Blacksmith
  • Load Capacity: 8000 pounds
  • Lifting Height: 72 inches
  • Motor: 110V, 60Hz, 1 Phase
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Overall length – 175 inches; Runway length – 165 inches
  • Additional Specs: Clearance under runway – 69 inches; Lifting time – 40 seconds

Why Consider this Product

This four-post car lift distinguishes itself with robust construction and safety features, including a single point safety lock release with 10 locking positions and a built-in relief valve to prevent overloading. Moreover, it comes with a generous set of accessories to facilitate different car service requirements, making it a valuable addition to any garage.

Some Ways the Product Could be Useful or Used

  • Facilitating easy car repairs and maintenance at home or in a professional setup
  • Utilizing vertical space for car storage, allowing for more efficient use of garage space
  • Suitable for displaying vehicles in showrooms, given its substantial lifting height and stability


The Mayflower Blacksmith Pro 8000 emerges as a reliable choice for individuals and businesses looking for a car lift solution. With its substantial load capacity and height reach, it caters to a wide range of vehicles. While it offers a range of features and accessories, potential buyers should be aware of the installation requirements to ensure safety and optimum functionality.

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Discover the Mayflower Blacksmith Pro 8000, a four-post car lift offering robust construction and enhanced safety features, coupled with a rich set of accessories, promising value and reliability for car enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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