beamUP Sentry BU400: Smart Garage Door Opener with Unmatched Security and Convenience

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Introducing the beamUP Sentry BU400 Smart Garage Door Opener – a revolutionary solution that brings unparalleled security and convenience to your garage access. Designed by beam labs, a name synonymous with expertise in the garage door industry, the Sentry BU400 is engineered to provide real-time access, top-notch security, and effortless integration into your smart home ecosystem.

Smart Home Integration and Unmatched Security

Security begins at the garage, and the beamUP Sentry BU400 ensures that your garage is a fortress of protection. This smart garage door opener seamlessly integrates with your smart home system, offering compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Watch, and IFTTT. With real-time access, auto-close functions, and a recent activity log, you're in complete control of your garage's security. Plus, the integrated motion-activated 3000-lumen LED security lighting blankets your garage in visibility, adding an extra layer of protection.

Quick and Easy Installation

Setting up the Sentry BU400 is a breeze, and you won't need any special tools. With step-by-step installation manuals, video tutorials, and telephone tech support, beam labs ensures that you have all the assistance you need. The Smart Garage Door Controller empowers you to manage your garage door's status and operations remotely from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop – all without the need for an annual subscription.

Heavy-Duty Performance and Reliability

Equipped with a 3/4 Horsepower equivalent DC motor and a sturdy chain drive, the Sentry BU400 effortlessly handles even the heaviest of carriage house doors. The ClearCom 3-button remote control boasts dual-burst technology for extended range, and the multi-function wall control adds an extra layer of security with a lock button.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

The beamUP Sentry BU400 Smart Garage Door Opener garners an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars from 731 ratings, showcasing its reliability and performance. Users appreciate its noise level, ease of installation, and overall value for money.


In summary, the beamUP Sentry BU400 Smart Garage Door Opener is more than just an access solution – it's a security powerhouse. With its advanced smart integrations, motion-activated security lighting, and easy installation, it sets a new standard for garage door openers. beamUP's commitment to free integrations and automation, coupled with a strong customer rating, solidifies the Sentry BU400's place as a reliable, smart, and secure addition to your smart home.

Product Takeaways

Engineered by industry experts beam labs, this opener not only grants you real-time access to your garage but also offers unmatched security features. With compatibility with top smart home systems including Alexa, Google Assistant, and more, you can seamlessly integrate your garage into your connected ecosystem. The integrated motion-activated LED security lighting adds an extra layer of protection by illuminating every corner of your garage.

Setting up the Sentry BU400 is hassle-free, and beam labs offers step-by-step guidance to ensure a smooth installation process. With a 3/4 Horsepower equivalent DC motor and a robust chain drive, this opener handles heavy carriage doors with ease. Real-time alerts, auto-close functions, and the ability to share access with unlimited users make managing your garage effortless. The beamUP Sentry BU400 isn't just a garage door opener; it's your gateway to a smarter, safer, and more secure home.

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Elevate your garage's security and convenience with the beamUP Sentry BU400 Smart Garage Door Opener.

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