FLEX CS 40 Wet Tile Saw: Powerful Cutting Solution for Stone, Tile, and Glass Industries

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Product Overview:

The FLEX CS 40 Wet Tile Saw is a robust and versatile cutting tool designed for use in the stone, tile, and glass industries. With a powerful 12-amp motor and high-quality water-feed system, this wet tile saw can effortlessly cut through tough materials while minimizing harmful dust particles. Its ability to accept a curved cutting blade makes curve cutting operations safer and more convenient.

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Product Features:

Product Details & Specifications:

  • Brand: FLEX
  • Color: Red / Silver
  • Blade Material: High Speed Steel
  • Surface Recommendation: Stone
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Special Feature: Brushless
  • Included Components: 5" Masonry Wet Tile Saw, Auxiliary Handle, Flange for Curve-cut Blade, Flange Bolt for Curve-cut Blade, Parallel Guide, 4m Water Hose with Bronze Valve, Spanner Wrench, T-handle Wrench
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Amperage: 12 Amps
  • Item Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Speed: 12000 RPM
  • Blade Length: 5 Inches
  • Number of Teeth: 60
  • Cutting Angle: 90 Degrees
  • Wattage: 1400 watts
  • Thickness: 20 Millimeters
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Special Features: Brushless
  • Usage: Granite

Why Consider this Product:

The FLEX CS 40 Wet Tile Saw is a powerful and versatile tool designed for professionals in the stone, tile, and glass industries. With its impressive speed, beveling capability, and water-feed system, it ensures accurate and efficient cutting of various materials, making it an essential addition to your toolkit.


The FLEX CS 40 Wet Tile Saw offers a blend of power, versatility, and convenience, making it a valuable tool for professionals in the stone, tile, and glass industries. With features like a high-quality water-feed system, beveling options, and the ability to accept a curved cutting blade, it provides the performance needed for a range of cutting tasks.

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Explore the FLEX CS 40 Wet Tile Saw, a powerful cutting tool designed for stone, tile, and glass industries.

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