TEMPWARE 7500-Watt Electric Garage Heater - Efficient, Adjustable, and Safe Heating Solution

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Product Overview

The TEMPWARE 7500-Watt Electric Garage Heater is a powerful and efficient heating solution ideal for workshops, garages, and more. It features adjustable louvers and variable mounting angles for precise air output control. With a maximum BTU of 25,590, it can effectively heat an area of up to 1,250 square feet. This heater offers two heat settings, ranging from 6,250 to 7,500 watts, to suit your specific heating needs.

It also includes convenient features like ECO mode, a timer function, thermostat control, and overheat protection. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures durability, and it comes with hardwired installation for safety.

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Product Features:

Product Benefits:

Product Details & Specifications:

  • Brand: TEMPWARE
  • Special Feature: Remote Control, Overheat Protection, Timer, ECO Function
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor
  • Product Dimensions: 18"D x 15"W x 15"H
  • Mounting Type: 240-Volt Hardwired Installation
  • Room Type: Garage, Greenhouse, Workshop
  • Heating Coverage: 1250 square feet
  • Voltage: 240 Volts
  • Max Temperature Setting: 95 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Item Weight: 23.9 pounds
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Why Consider this product

The TEMPWARE Electric Garage Heater offers powerful heating capabilities with advanced features like ECO mode and a timer function for energy savings. Its durable construction and safety measures make it an excellent choice for heating large spaces.

Some ways the product could be useful or used:

  • Keep your garage or workshop warm and comfortable during colder months.
  • Efficiently heat greenhouses and shops with a large heating area.
  • Save on energy bills with ECO mode and timer settings.


Upgrade your heating solution with the TEMPWARE 7500-Watt Electric Garage Heater. It provides efficient, adjustable, and safe heating for your workspace, ensuring comfort and convenience.

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