My Disappointing Experience with Re-Bath New Hampshire: An Honest Review

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My-Disappointing-Experience-with-Re-Bath-New-Hampshire-An-Honest-Review Garages & WorkShops

I recently had a renovation project done by Re-Bath New Hampshire, and I am extremely dissatisfied with the quality of work and service provided. The project involved installing and finishing a shower, toilet, and sink in my bathroom, with all plumbing already in place. Here’s a detailed account of my experience:

Initial Interaction and Estimates

Re-Bath initially seemed promising. Their sales representative, Jake, came out multiple times to measure and place the order for the project's fixtures and finishes. They conducted two site visits to measure and provide estimates, spending two hours helping me choose finishes for the bathroom. However, this is where the positive aspects of my experience ended.

Vanity Installation

Re-Bath provided a vanity with a countertop that was too large for the space. The vanity cabinet fit, but the countertop was too long and could not be accommodated between the two walls of the built-out area for the sink and vanity. Instead of procuring a correctly sized countertop, they cut long holes in the walls to shove it into the wall to make it fit. As a result, part of my countertop is actually sitting inside the wall, and they just spackled and sheetrocked around and over the countertop. This now means that if the countertop ever needs to be replaced, I will have to break apart my walls. This resulted in poorly spackled holes and an unstable installation. The vanity's back now exposes these holes and unfinished sheetrock because they didn't properly measure where the plumbing and faucet pipes would go, appearing to just eyeball it. Additionally, they did not install the board across the bottom of the vanity, leaving the unfinished flooring exposed. 

(The counter goes into the actual wall)

Flooring Issues

The new flooring was installed without a proper transition, leaving a significant gap between the bathroom and bedroom floors. Furthermore, Re-Bath did not install all of the baseboards, for which I was billed. I had to install and paint these baseboards myself.

Toilet Installation

Despite being part of the estimate and the toilet being purchased by Re-Bath for the project, they did not hook up the toilet. They claimed this was not part of the toilet estimate, leaving me with a toilet that is not connected to anything.

(Oh goody, another hole)

Shoddy Workmanship

The overall quality of the work was substandard. The finishes were sloppy, and there were multiple unnecessary cuts in the walls as they struggled to install the shower. Hardened spackle was left all over the walls, which I had to sand down myself. They also put other holes in my walls that needed patching, and they billed me for work that was not completed satisfactorily.

(why are there even holes here??)

(This is how they framed the shower window)

Customer Service

When I raised these issues with Re-Bath, I spoke with Jake, who did nothing to help us. We then spoke with the owners, who were extremely dismissive and unprofessional. They essentially yelled at us, stating that it wasn’t their problem and that we should move on from it.

Final Thoughts

I was charged approximately $25,000 for a bathroom that was left without a functional toilet and tons of finishis now in an unusable and unfinished state. The vanity installation was botched, the flooring was improperly done, the toilet was left unconnected, and the overall workmanship was poor. Re-Bath’s response to my complaints was dismissive and unprofessional.


I strongly advise against using Re-Bath New Hampshire for any renovation projects. My experience has been extremely disappointing, and the quality of their work and customer service is far below acceptable standards. Save yourself the hassle and find a reputable contractor who values their customers and stands by the quality of their work.

For more information about Re-Bath New Hampshire, you can visit their website at Re-Bath New Hampshire.

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