EVERSPROUT Never-Scratch SnowBuster: Effortless Snow Removal with Damage-Free Design

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Product Overview

The EVERSPROUT Never-Scratch SnowBuster is a versatile and reliable snow removal tool designed to help you clear snow from various surfaces without causing any damage.

Whether it's your roof, solar panels, vehicles, or other surfaces, this tool offers an efficient and safe solution for snow removal. With its unique features, including a pre-assembled design, S-shape push/pull action, and a long-reaching aluminum pole, it's a must-have tool for winter maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Damage-Free Foam Material: The SnowBuster is constructed from premium foam material that is gentle yet sturdy. It won't scratch or damage surfaces, making it safe for solar panels, roofs, vehicles, and more.

  • Pre-Assembled for Immediate Use: Say goodbye to the frustration of assembling complicated tools. The SnowBuster arrives pre-assembled, so you can use it right out of the box. Simply twist it onto the pole, and you're ready to remove snow.

  • Impressive Reach: With the SnowBuster, you can extend your reach up to 30 feet when standing, thanks to its extendable aluminum pole. It reaches up to 24 feet in length, allowing you to tackle snow removal on roofs, including steeper-pitched ones.

  • Exclusive S-Shape Design: The unique S-shape design of the SnowBuster allows for efficient push and pull action when removing snow. This design enhances your snow removal effectiveness.

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Pole: The aluminum pole is both sturdy and lightweight, weighing just 4 pounds. It features non-slip foam hand grips for comfort and reliable grip even in wet conditions.

  • Frustration-Free Locking Mechanism: The SnowBuster's flip-tab locking mechanism ensures that no sections get stuck, a common issue with traditional twist-lock poles. It also allows for custom length adjustments between 7 and 24 feet.

  • Versatile Pole Tip: The 3/4" Acme thread pole tip is made of durable metal alloy and is compatible with various Eversprout attachments, offering over 10 potential uses beyond snow removal.

Product Details:

  • Material: Metal
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Blade Material: Aluminum
  • Package Dimensions: 82 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight: 4 pounds
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Real-World Usability

The EVERSPROUT Never-Scratch SnowBuster simplifies the process of snow removal. Its damage-free foam material ensures that your surfaces remain unscathed while effectively removing snow. With its impressive reach, easy-to-use design, and compatibility with other attachments, it's a valuable tool for tackling winter challenges.


  • Q1: Is this tool suitable for removing ice, or is it designed only for snow? A: The SnowBuster works best on fresh snow and is not intended for removing ice.
  • Q2: Can I use this tool on all types of roofs? A: The SnowBuster is suitable for most roof types, including steeper-pitched roofs, making it versatile for various applications.


The EVERSPROUT Never-Scratch SnowBuster offers a safe and efficient solution for snow removal, whether from roofs, solar panels, vehicles, or other surfaces. Its thoughtful design, damage-free foam material, and impressive reach make it a valuable addition to your winter toolkit.

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The EVERSPROUT Never-Scratch SnowBuster is a versatile and damage-free snow removal tool with an extendable aluminum pole, pre-assembled design, and unique S-shape for efficient snow removal.

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