Winter Maintenance: Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Oil in Your Ariens Snow Blower

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Winter Maintenance: Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Oil in Your Ariens Snow Blower

When winter arrives, your Ariens snow blower becomes your best ally against the snow. However, like any machine, it requires regular maintenance to perform at its best, and one of the essential tasks is changing the oil. This post will guide you through the process specifically for Ariens snow blowers, ensuring your machine is ready to tackle the snow efficiently.

Understanding Your Ariens Snow Blower

Ariens snow blowers have a rich history of providing quality and durability. With various models available, it's important to consult your owner's manual for specifics about your machine. This guide provides general steps, but your manual may offer additional or slightly different instructions.

Signs Your Snow Blower Needs an Oil Change

Regular maintenance typically involves changing the oil at least once per season or after certain hours of use. Signs like difficulty starting the engine, visible oil residue, or excessive exhaust smoke also indicate it's time for an oil change.

Preparing for the Oil Change

Before you start, gather your tools: an appropriate wrench, a funnel, a container for old oil, and the correct type of new oil. Safety is paramount, so ensure your workspace is well-ventilated and you're wearing protective gear.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing the Oil

  1. Start your Ariens snow blower and let it run for a few minutes to warm the oil, then turn it off.
  2. Place your oil container under the drain plug and remove the plug. Allow the old oil to drain completely.
  3. Once drained, replace the plug and remove the oil dipstick. Using your funnel, add the new oil, checking the level with the dipstick to avoid overfilling.
  4. Replace the dipstick and wipe away any spilled oil.

Proper Disposal of Used Oil

Used oil should never be thrown in the trash or poured down drains. Many auto parts stores or recycling centers accept used oil for disposal. It's an easy step that has a significant environmental impact.

Additional Maintenance Tips for Ariens Snow Blowers

Regular checks of spark plugs, belts, and augers are also part of a healthy maintenance routine. When storing your snow blower at the end of the season, run the engine dry of fuel or use a fuel stabilizer to prevent issues when you start it again next winter.


Regular oil changes are a key component of maintaining your Ariens snow blower's efficiency and longevity. By following this guide, you're ensuring your machine is ready to work when you need it most. Keep up with regular maintenance, and your Ariens can serve you faithfully for many winters to come.

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Uncover expert tips for maintaining your Ariens snow blower with our comprehensive guide to changing oil, ensuring peak performance in the toughest winters.

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