Oneway Multi Gauge: A Precision Tool for Workshop Accuracy

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Product Overview

The Oneway Multi Gauge is a versatile and precise tool designed to revolutionize dial indicator usage in the workshop. This tool was originally created to set precise height adjustments for jointer knives and accurately determine jointer cutting depth, but its usefulness extends far beyond that initial purpose.

Crafted from solid 1-1/4" thick cast iron, it boasts precision machining at 90 degrees on three sides, allowing you to check squareness and position various workshop tools such as joiner fences, saw blades, and tilting tables of scroll saws and drill presses.

The included dial indicator provides 1-1/32" of travel for precise measurements in increments of .001". The dial indicator also features a round tip for checking runout and a flat tip for making adjustments to saw blades, dado heads, or router bits.

Customer Ratings

The Oneway Multi Gauge has garnered high praise from customers, with an impressive 82% of reviewers giving it a 5-star rating

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Real-World Usability

The Oneway Multi Gauge is an indispensable tool for craftsmen and woodworkers who demand precision in their workshop tasks. Whether you're setting jointer knife height, ensuring the squareness of your tools, or positioning various equipment accurately, this tool simplifies the process and enhances your workmanship.


  • Q1: Can the Oneway Multi Gauge be used with other workshop tools besides jointers? A: Yes, this versatile tool can be used to check the squareness and position of various workshop tools, including joiner fences, saw blades, and tilting tables of scroll saws and drill presses.
  • Q2: Is the included dial indicator easy to read and use? A: Yes, the dial indicator provides clear and precise measurements, making it user-friendly for craftsmen of all levels.


The Oneway Multi Gauge is a workshop essential for anyone who values precision in their woodworking and metalworking projects. Its solid cast iron construction, versatile design, and included dial indicator make it a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Whether you're setting jointer knives, checking squareness, or positioning tools, this tool simplifies the process and helps you achieve accurate results.

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The Oneway Multi Gauge is a precision tool crafted from solid cast iron, designed to assist craftsmen in achieving accurate height adjustments, checking squareness, and positioning workshop tools.

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