PREXISO 360° Laser Level Review: Accurate Layout, Green Laser

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Accurate layout and measurements are essential in various construction and renovation projects. The PREXISO 360° Laser Level with Tripod is a versatile tool designed to simplify the process of creating precise lines and angles. This comprehensive review explores the features that make this laser level an indispensable asset for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

360° Green Laser Source & 3 Projecting Modes

The standout feature of the PREXISO Laser Level is its 360° green laser source, which projects horizontal, vertical, and cross lines onto walls, ceilings, and floors. These bright lines are visible and accurate, providing a clear visual reference for layout tasks. With three projecting modes, users have the flexibility to choose the appropriate laser line for their specific project.

Multipurpose Application

This laser level's applications are wide-ranging. Whether you're working on tiling, installing chandeliers, aligning doors and windows, or measuring building structures, the PREXISO Laser Level is a valuable companion. The tool's horizontal and vertical lines intersect at a perfect 90° angle, aiding in precise square layout completion.

Self Leveling & Manual Mode

The self-leveling feature ensures accuracy within ±4° of horizontal. If the surface exceeds this tilt angle, the laser blinks as an alarm. For specific tasks, the manual mode allows users to lock the laser lines at desired angles for alignment purposes. This versatility makes the tool adaptable to various scenarios.

Bonus Adjustable Frame Green Glasses

The tool kit includes adjustable frame green glasses, enhancing the visibility of the green laser lines. These glasses are designed to fit comfortably over regular eyewear, ensuring clear visibility without the need to remove prescription glasses. While the glasses enhance visibility, it's important to note that they are intended for improved viewing, not protection.

Bonus Laser Level Tripod

The provided tripod extends up to 37-1/2 inches, offering optimal flexibility for positioning the laser level. The tripod's quick-release plate simplifies installation and removal of the laser level. Its compact closed height of 17 inches ensures easy storage.


The PREXISO 360° Laser Level with Tripod is a versatile and precise tool that simplifies layout tasks in construction, renovation, and DIY projects. With its bright green laser source, multiple projecting modes, self-leveling capability, and bonus accessories, this laser level is a must-have for anyone seeking accuracy and efficiency in their work. 

Product Takeaways

Accurate layout is the cornerstone of successful construction and renovation projects. With its 360° green laser source, this tool projects bright horizontal, vertical, and cross lines onto various surfaces, providing clear visual references for layout tasks. Let's dive into the features that make this laser level a standout choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The PREXISO Laser Level's versatility knows no bounds. From tiling floors and walls to installing fixtures and aligning doors and windows, this tool is a valuable companion for a range of applications. Its self-leveling mode ensures accuracy within a 4° tilt range, while the manual mode allows users to lock lines at custom angles for specific tasks.

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