Experience Year-Round Performance and Safety with CROSSMAX SUV CHTS-1 Tires

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Product Overview

The CROSSMAX SUV CHTS-1 tire is your ticket to all-season performance, safety, and exceptional mileage without breaking the bank. Designed for modern vehicles, these tires boast advanced tread patterns that deliver agile handling in wet and dry conditions. You can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride while also benefiting from improved fuel economy. Say goodbye to compromising on quality for affordability.

Customer Ratings

With an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, the CROSSMAX SUV CHTS-1 tires have earned the trust of users seeking longevity, value for money, and reduced noise levels. Let's explore what makes these tires stand out.

Price Range

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Why Consider These Tires

The CROSSMAX SUV CHTS-1 tires are a smart choice for drivers looking to enhance their vehicle's performance throughout the year. Offering longevity, mileage, value, and reduced noise, these tires cater to a variety of needs.

Product Details & Specifications:

  • Brand: CROSSMAX
  • Seasons: Year Round
  • Size: 225/65R17
  • Section Width: 225 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 1874 Pounds
  • Tread Depth: 11.2 32nds
  • Tread Type: Directional
  • Maximum Pressure: 44 Pound per Square Inch
  • Tire Diameter: 28.5
  • Item Weight: 12.25 Kilograms
  • Rim Size: 17 Inches
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 65
  • Load Index: 102
  • Speed Rating: H

Product Features:

Benefits of These Tires:

Real-World Usability

Picture yourself confidently navigating wet and dry roads in any season, all while enjoying a comfortable and quiet ride. The CROSSMAX SUV CHTS-1 tires offer this and more, making them an excellent choice for drivers prioritizing safety and value.


  • Do these tires perform well in winter conditions?
    • These tires are designed for year-round use but may not be suitable for extreme winter conditions.
  • What is the expected mileage on these tires?
    • Users have reported high mileage and longevity.
  • Are these tires suitable for SUVs and crossover vehicles?
    • Yes, they are suitable for various modern vehicles.


The CROSSMAX SUV CHTS-1 tires offer year-round performance, safety, and exceptional value. Their positive customer reviews reflect their ability to deliver longevity, mileage, and a comfortable driving experience.

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