Home Depot Truck Rentals: The Convenient, Cost-Effective Solution for All Moving Needs

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Home Depot Truck Rentals: The Convenient, Cost-Effective Solution for All Moving Needs

Moving can be overwhelming, especially for local relocations where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key. Home Depot, a household name in home improvement, also offers truck rental services that could simplify your moving day.

Why Choose Home Depot for Truck Rentals

The convenience of Home Depot’s truck rental lies in its widespread store locations and the variety of trucks on offer. Whether you need a small pickup for a few items or a larger moving truck for an entire apartment, Home Depot has you covered.

Understanding Home Depot's Pricing Model

Home Depot's pricing model is straightforward and budget-friendly, especially for short moves. The service begins with a flat rate for the initial 75 minutes. For example, Load ‘N Go Pick-Up Trucks and Cargo Vans start at $19 for the first 75 minutes, with a charge of $5 for every additional 15 minutes. A $50 deposit is also required. The Load ‘N Go Moving Trucks are slightly more, starting at $29 for the first 75 minutes. This transparent pricing model is particularly useful for quick local moves, contrasting with other services that might charge for a full day or by mileage.

The Rental Process

Renting a truck from Home Depot requires no advance booking, offering great flexibility for sudden moving plans. The process is simple: check availability, pick up the truck, and return it to the same location. This is particularly convenient for unplanned or last-minute moves.

Additional Advantages

Home Depot also offers a wide range of moving supplies, making it a convenient one-stop shop. Additionally, through their partnership with Penske Truck Rental, they cater to larger or long-distance moves. Customer support is a notable advantage, with knowledgeable staff ready to assist.

Limitations and Considerations

It’s important to note that Home Depot's trucks are more suited to smaller, local moves and must be returned to the original location. Some rentals may require proof of insurance, so it’s important to come prepared.


For those planning local moves, Home Depot offers an accessible, affordable, and convenient truck rental service. With a range of truck sizes and transparent pricing, they are a practical choice for many moving scenarios.

Planning a local move? Visit your nearest Home Depot store or their website for more information on truck rental options, pricing, and availability.

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